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I had stopped being in a hurry to loose my virginity and tried to be laid back as far as possible as girls were concerned. However at the age of fifteen I was still very naïve and told my friends I was an expert in the art of love making and could keep an erection for hours, how far from the truth could that possibly be?

One night, one of the lads came bursting into classroom come card room at the youth club.

“ You lucky bastard Roger,” he shouted,

“ What do ya mean?” I enquired.

“ I’ve just been talking to Susan, she told me Wendy fancies you,”

“ Not the sultry Wendy who hangs about with the older guys?”

“ Yeah the very same,”


I did not believe him and was sure Susan must have been having us on. Wendy was a natural blonde who had a classical sulky high cheek boned face, she was a super model, an untouchable as far as I was concerned, she had an exotic air about her and hardly said a word or smiled for that matter, I wondered why she ever came to such a youth club except to look very appealing sitting on the forms in the hall for most part on her own and only occasionally talking to her friends who were mostly going out with the older lads. Clearly most of my friends found her very attractive too but they felt like myself that she could have her pick of any boy in the club and we felt sure she had no interest at all of any in our peer group.

“ I’ll go and find Susan she can tell you,”

With in a short time he was back with Susan in tow,

“ Yes its true Roger she would like to meet you.”

I asked Susan to tell her I will leave early and will meet her at the entrance, my plan was to get away quickly with her, as it was rumoured the older guys did not like you taking what they considered their group of chicks, not that we ever did, but I felt there was a first time for everything. I met up with Wendy outside the club; we walked to the bus stop. She was truly a lovely looking girl, she had beautiful long creamy blonde straight hair that came half way down her back, she had a slight but shapely figure. She nearly always seemed to dress in black which heightened the agreeable appearance of her smooth pale skin, she also always wore exceptionally high stiletto heeled shoes at the end of her lovely long legs, she suffered for her passion for fashion as these shoes used to dig into her heels make holes in her stockings, then taking off a layer of skin so for most of the time she wore discrete plasters on her heels to protect them. She told me were she lived; it was way past my own home. I asked why she came so far to the youth club, she said she had one or two girls friends and her farther suggested she should get out with them as she spent a considerable time in the home. The girls she knew were also beauties, they had been quickly snapped up by the older more mature lads, I could not understand why the older lads had no interest in this particular beauty of nature and wondered why she was not spoken for and wondered why she wished to have a date with myself. However I clearly was clearly flattered and a very happy chappy.

Virtually a daily meeting started to take place between us, she had a job working in the Co Op Seed Factory, I started to meet her on my pushbike every morning and if time permitted I would walk with her part way down the factory drive before I set off to work. Each time I saw her I saw her beauty I could not believe my good fortune. Soon I was to be introduced to a wonderful family, who made me welcome. Her farther was a talented engineer, he had a great sense of humour and was a good mate to his son and had made him on his lathe at work a great set of training weights, her mother was a caring person, and they all did not seem to mind me, I was dumb struck by my luck.

With the help of her and my friends I started to learn how to dance the jive a little better, but really I couldn’t wait for the slow romantic records to come on so I could hold Wendy tight, in what we called a creep, it seemed we both were enjoying youth. So it was a few dates to the cinema, nights at the club, meeting her after night school. We continued to see each other on a regular basis. She had however very little to say for herself and I could not find out what she was most interested in, she had no ambitions as for a career as far as I could find out, I thought at times maybe she just wanted to get married and start a family, but we both were far too young for that. I was having trouble making conversation with her but probed and probed to find some common grounds with her to build on but this was of no real importance. She did help me become a more trendier dresser, we were told we had become a handsome couple, I was the envy of many a friend and always enjoyed having her on my arm as if she was a proud trophy and I certainly loved to show her off when out socializing.

She was to me a beautiful possession I adored but I wanted more, so started pushing for a sexual encounter. It was time I took her home and show her where I was brought up. A seduction there could now be possible for my aunt had got too difficult to care for, the family needed a break, she was packed off to the City Hospital, my aunts worst fear, as she had never put one foot in a hospital in all her life she was afraid of them. I thought this would kill her off and it did. The hospital took over her pension book and her life savings some six thousand pounds, she died within the two weeks respite care, her bank book was never returned, I wondered where my family’s share of that money was after seven years of caring for her, this is the heavy hand of the hidden establishment, hopefully her money went to help somebody else who needed it. In hind sight we should have painted the front room all white given her a metal framed bed, and possibly should have dressed up as doctors and nurses and told her she was now in hospital, for my family could have done with just a little of the money at that point in time. At least now she was gone we had our front room back where I at least could entertain my friends.

I loved the winter time when you are trying your best to seduce a girl, the dark nights, curtains drawn, lights off, music on with a big fire glowing in the hearth while you cuddle up together, you cannot do the same on a summers evening indoors, I tried it once; I drew all the curtains, lit a fire, got a sweat on when a neighbour called round to see who had died, when I told her nobody had died she said, “Oh I see now your not so well me duck, you’ve got a really high temperature, get yourself off to bed.” If only I could have!

The scene was set and the house was empty, the front room cleaned, the fire was laid ready for lighting, the music was prepared ready for my seduction; my hopes were raised for a sexual encounter. I met Wendy at the top of the main road; we walked hand in hand to my home. I had planned everything in my fantasy I could think of, I made her a drink and suggested we go into the front room; I could not wait to get my hands on her. I put a match to the fire put on the seductive music, dropped on to the sofa and pulled her down next to me, gave her a passionate kiss and whispered,

“You look stunningly beautiful tonight.” Indeed she always did.

She drew back and held my head in her hands, looked at me longingly and tipped her head to one side and said,

“You’ve got blackheads Roger.”

She then proceeded to squeeze these out from around my nose with her very pointed red painted fingernails. She really got down to the job of removing them one at a time, she pulled up her tight skirt higher to her waist showing off her smooth beautiful bare thighs above her nylon stocking tops, she sat straddled across my knees then pinned my head to the back of the sofa. I thought at least I could look at her breasts while this punishment was being administered, but she pushed my hands away from her top buttons so she could get the extra leverage to pop the next blackhead out, I slid my hands to her sides around her waist, underneath her black cardigan, I felt, there was not a blemish on her super soft skin, she had a waistline to die for, I could nearly span her waist with my hands. She did not move my hands as I think she was concentrating hard and had come across a particular blackhead that was difficult to remove, so I moved my hands slowly upwards pushing her bra up placing both of them on her breasts I desperately wanted to kiss her and her breasts.

“ My dad gets blackheads as well.” she exclaimed,

My moment of passion evaporated as immediately thoughts came of her sitting this way on her dads lap doing the same thing to him. I remarked most of us that work in engineering have this problem.

I purchased every chemical the chemist had to rid myself from the dreaded black spots. I wanted to make love to this exquisite creature, I tried and tried many many times to seduce her to no avail, I failed miserably always my blackheads were too over powering for her when we were alone on the sofa. My nose felt like it was about to part company from my face.

Communications on the subject of sex were difficult, as she did not share her view; clearly she did not physically take any lead to allow me to venture any further, which is clearly fair enough and how it should be. It would seem she was far wiser and not as eager as I to explore the unknown. Regrettably I wrote her a rather stupid irresponsible letter to try and tell her of my love and sexual feeling towards her. It read I would do anything for her which included me running around naked in the front room for her so she may find out if I had blackheads elsewhere on my body that she could amuse herself with, and if she took her own clothes off as well it may be great fun, and explained that we did not have to go all the way, I used parchment paper feeling it would be more romantic, then drew fine flowery adornments around the lettering, finally burning the paper around the edges, it ended up looking like the directions on an old treasure island map, and the X’s marked the spot where hidden treasure’s could be found and enjoyed, it was tied up with a red ribbon and was presented to her inside an old wine bottle. My friend Alan thought I had completely lost the plot, he was absolutely right.

The very next day in the real world I was sent to work at the foundry where her farther worked, I smiled and waved to acknowledge him across the foundry floor, he however scowled back at me, the hatred in his eyes told me the worst news ever, I guessed he also had read the deadly scroll, I lowered my hand and was ready to run but he turned his back on me and walked away. He forbid her to see me again, who could blame him, she did not return to the youth club, my beautifully gorgeous girl was lost and gone forever, I sadly missed her on my arm and missed the intense passion of the hurried chase to loose my virginity.

After a short time I heard her new boy friend was the foreman gardener at the seed factory, he was some eight years her senior, she had often talked about him and told me she often spent time with him at his front garden gate where no doubt he planted many seeds in her head, it seemed no time at all before they were married. I was saddened and was only ever to see her once more many years later when out shopping in the posh end of town, she was now in her late thirties she looked just as attractive, she was dressed in a top shop swade suit that hung to her superb figure, she still wore the very same style high heels, she was gliding and floating around the superstore as if on a cat walk wearing that very same striking look with the natural waves of her lovely blonde hair framing her beautiful sulky sultry face. We came face to face with our shopping trolleys but never spoke. I had weathered beyond possible recognition and besides she was more interested in the contents of the cold cabinet than this man staring at her. I felt she surly would have forgotten all about the persistent advances of a naive fifteen year old virgin that sent her a message in a bottle and in that moment of time I bet to myself, her husband would be blackhead free, and that this true beauty of nature had a well kept garden and I wondered what kind of seeds they had sown together and what had fully blossomed in their lives.

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